Slovenia Restaurants

With over twenty distinct culinary regions, Slovenia's cuisine offers a mouth-watering fusion of Mediterranean, Austrian and Hungarian flavours, in which even the utmost gastronomic connoisseur will delight!

Serving authentic recipes alongside delicious regional wines, Slovenian cooking is among the best. Previously under Austro-Hungarian rule, German influences prevail in dishes such as Goulash and the Kranjska Klobasa sausage. If meats, stews and hearty soups are not your thing however, there are plenty of restaurants serving international dishes. Get advice on Restaurants - connect with us on Facebook!

Kotlar restaurant

Kotlar restaurant Kobarid, West

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Restaurant Kotlar is located in the centre of an idyllic town Kobarid. You are most welcome when you are travelling around, visiting Kobarid's history paths or emerald Soca or you just want to experie

Thai Inn Pub

Thai Inn Pub Ljubljana, Central

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Thai Inn is a cozy pub and delicious restaurant in the middle of Ljubljana city centre. Decorated in Thailand style but tailored for modern European guest Thai inn offers numerous original Thai dishes

Gostilna Sestica

Gostilna Sestica Ljubljana, Central

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Gostilna ? estica is one of the oldest restaurants in Ljubljana with the true »Slovenian essence«, serving traditional Slovenian food and organising Slovenian nights with live Slovenian music and

Garaza Pizzeria

Garaza Pizzeria Ljubljana, Central

Pizzerija Garaža is located in Bežigrad by the main road heading towards city centre. Decorated with car plates and parts from all around the world it offers tasty pizzas for every taste.

Centralna postaja

Centralna postaja Ljubljana, Central

Centralna postaja is an urban place located in Ljubljana city centre. With its lively atmosphere it welcomes guests to try amazing cocktails prepared from home-made ingredients.

Trucker pizzeria

Trucker pizzeria Kranj, West

A rich offer of pizzas and salads.

Gostilna Maratonec

Gostilna Maratonec Ljubljana, Central

Gostilna Maratonec is a modern restaurant with wide selection of grilled food, fish meals, pizzas...

Gostilna Pri Lipi

Gostilna Pri Lipi Maribor, East

Not far from Maribor city centre, enveloped by nature and only a stone's throw away from the famous ski resort of Pohorje, Restaurant Pri Lipi offers delightful food, prepared in a traditional way.

Gostilnica Pr Javornik

Gostilnica Pr Javornik Jesenice, West

Modernly decorated restaurant Pr Javornik has been placed in the center of Jesenice for quite a while. It offers delicious grill dishes such as "čevapčiči", "pleskavice", "ražnjiči", steaks and more.

Gostilna Sajna

Gostilna Sajna Sezana, West

Surrounded by slightly rolling Karst plateau, inspired by long Slovenian culinary tradition and intertwined by proficiency and friendliness of waiters, Domačija ? ajna provides complete local


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