Slovenia Gostilna Slovenija

Gostilna Zolnir

Gostilna Zolnir Kostanjevica-na-Krki, East

Gostilna Žolnir has been embraced with love from its beginning as the name comes from the Josip Jurčič love novel where a forestry engineer (žolnir) fall in love in a girl from Kostanjevica.

Gostilna Kristof

Gostilna Kristof Kranj, West

Intertwining traditional Slovene recipes with modern international culinary trends bring gastronomic experience which you will never forget. Gostilna Krištof offers fabulous local dishes which

Gostilna Pri Lipi

Gostilna Pri Lipi Maribor, East

Not far from Maribor city centre, enveloped by nature and only a stone's throw away from the famous ski resort of Pohorje, Restaurant Pri Lipi offers delightful food, prepared in a traditional way.

Gostilna Sajna

Gostilna Sajna Sezana, West

Surrounded by slightly rolling Karst plateau, inspired by long Slovenian culinary tradition and intertwined by proficiency and friendliness of waiters, Domačija ? ajna provides complete local


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